Mechateronic Sayyal Group - a trailblazer in the world of systems engineering

Over the last half century the pace of change in the world of systems engineering has increased beyond our wildest expectations.
So, preference and supremacy in the challenge of industrial process is depend on the ability of increasing the processing speed,
more flexibility and at the end, competitive pricing.
However, Mechateronic group with the lots of experiences in procurement and engineering in the field of instrumentation,
automation services and metering technology try to develop these industries in Iran and Middle East.

Partners … Mechateronic Sayyal synchronized with
the great company that serving the industry …

Mechateronic with recognition of the requirements in Iran industry has attempted to gather the great and
popular manufacturer products.
Therefore, Mechateronic with making powerful relationship with these makers enunciate it's preparedness for providing
the system of these reliable companies.
So, Mechateronic listed its partners in automation services and metering technology as below:

1. Instrumention and Automation Services

  • PEPPERL+F UCHS/ R.Stahl - IS, FF and EX Enclosure
  • Endress+Hauser Instrumentation Solution
  • ABB - Instrumentation / DCS / FCS
  • Siemens - Instrumentation - Control System S5/ S7/ PCS7
  • Yokogawa – DCS / FCS / ESD
  • Yamatake Instrumentation – DCS / FCS
  • KingFisher / Bristol Babckock – RTU / SCADA
  • Rockwell / MODICON / AEG / Siemens – PLC
  • Omni Shelter – Passive / Active Shelters and Enclosure
  • Rittal / Weidmuller / Elco – Panels and Accessories

2. Metering technology

  • Fiscal Metering Control System (Liquid)
    • Turbine Meters
    • Positive Displacement Meters
    • Liquid Ultrasonic Meters
    • Coriolis Meters
  • Fiscal Metering Control System (Gas)
    • Orifice Meters
    • Gas Ultrasonic Flow meters
    • Venturi Meters
  • Metering Proving Systems
    • Bidirectional, Displacer Type
    • Unidirectional, Displacer Type
    • Compact (small volume) Piston Prover
    • Master Meter
  • Sampling and Analysis Systems
    • Sample mixing equipment which may be of proprietary or custom design
    • Sample probe and fast loop pump
    • Sampler and sample receivers
    • Densitometer
    • Water in Oil Meter
    • Viscometer
    • Heated enclosure for the sampler and sample receiver
  • Gas pressure regulation and conditioning systems

Mechateronic approved partners include:

  • Endress + Hauser Instruments and Mass Meters
  • Rockwell Automation
  • FMC Measurement Solutions
  • Faure Herman
  • Cameron Caldon
  • Emerson Process Systems
  • Advanced Systek

Mechateronic Sayyal's main Groups are:

  • Design
  • Procurement
  • Engineering
  • Installation and commissioning

Our overall deliverables philosophy focuses on:

  • Increasing the value for our clients, partners
  • Commercially Competitive
  • Technically compliant